Hobby Lobby Photoshoot 05/09/18


Here’s to my new section of the blog! My first post is of this lovely lady. My photo journal will consist of a picture of that day along with a brief journal entry.

This is my favorite edited picture from our Hobby Lobby adventure. My beautiful model, Sarah, was willing to be stared-at and awkwardly posed during this photo session. This was only about my third time using my camera. Figuring out ISO, aperture, and shutter speed definitely takes some hands-on experience. I had Sarah in front of some fake leaves while I held a fake jewel near the camera lens to give a blurred rainbow affect. For editing, I used Lightroom and a free preset called Cinnamon Girl. Days like these give me the realization of how grateful I am for my friends. They’re so supportive when it comes to new hobbies, accomplishments, and anything in between. Shouts to Sarah as she put up with my wacky ideas and numerous attempts at once decent shot. Hopefully she’s ready for the real outdoors for our next photo-op!

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