16 Random facts about me!

I’m currently in the works of an About me article to give this blog some background. It’s slightly in-depth and a long read. This post will be a prelude to that one. Here are some random facts about me. Hope you can relate 🙂

  • I just started a lip balm collection… yes, the obsession has begun.


Sun Bum not only smells like bananas, but also tastes like bananas (comes in mango and coconut, too). #drooling. Praise Carmex for naturally plumping my lips with intense shine and hydration.
  • I want to live in farm country someday (but not own a farm).
  • I want at least five children.
  • I have six piercings and one tattoo.



Photo courtesy of my bestie, Natalie Tyler.
  • My favorite color to wear is gray but my favorite color is maroon.
  • The walls of my bedroom have 34 names written on them in paint, chalk, and crayon.


This is just a section of one of my walls. Central Perk sign made by my artistically talented bff, Kelsey Dust.
  • I want to be a high school health teacher after college.
  • I’m a proud morning person.
  • I’m very loud, along with the rest of my family.
  • My name means ‘pearl’ in the Bible.
  • My hobbies include reading, journaling, photography, painting/crafting, and working out.


My glitter journal is what I take notes in during church and other faith-related happenings. My marbled journal is all of my random thoughts or when I feel like writing. My turquoise journal is basically a daily diary. P.S. I have awkwardly large feet.
  • Beauty/makeup videos are my favorite things to watch on YouTube.
  • Friends is my favorite show on Netflix.
  • My favorite songs at church are “King of my heart”, “You make me brave”, “Great are you Lord”, and “Wave after wave”.
  • Winter is my favorite season.
  • Going outside of my comfort zone is what I live for.

The list could go on, but this is meant to be a quick get to know me. Almost like the typical high school ice-breaker. Hopefully this can give you some background behind who I am and how these things might affect my postings. Stay tuned for a review on my  18 years prior to this one and expect random (or helpful or inspiring or eye-opening) articles!

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