05/18/18 Leah in the city


Meet Leah! Leah and I met in Orientation first semester of freshman year, had every single class together second semester, and coached volleyball in Wisconsin together. On this sunny Friday, Leah came over to spend the night for our tournament the next day. We went to Ulta, Target, and Potbelly during the day. In the afternoon, we made bowtie pasta with pesto, tomatoes, and feta cheese. We then got Leah all dressed up and drove to Minneapolis and took some golden-hour pictures! Our first stop was MN Nice Cream

IMG_0724.jpgand then we drove a few blocks and found this beautiful vine wall (someones house in an ally). The colors in this are so bold and clean– I am in love! I like how the wall in also in focus because Leah was right against it. If she were to step out from it, the wall would’ve blurred, similar to this picture of Leah (mostly) in focus with the city blurred.


This was my first try at shooting into the sun like this– very difficult to say the least! Still impressed with the colors produced, even if Leah’s face is out of focus and the sky is slightly blown out.

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