My Favorite YouTubers

Take a guess on how much time the average person spends on social media. Google says, “The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks everyday…”. That’s actually not that long considering I can spend an hour straight on one persons Instagram page. Anyway! I thought it’d be fun to share who my favorite people to watch on YouTube are. These are mainly beauty influencers, nonetheless, I love them and they are what I look forward to most on weekends. In no particular order:


You knew this was coming! I’m not quite sure what makes me gravitate towards her videos so much. She’s funny, quirky, and wonderfully talented. She’s one of my favorites on Snapchat, too. Seeing her play with her nieces and nephew and swatch makeup all in one video sometimes makes my day. Her YT videos consist of makeup looks, skincare, and all other things beauty such as clothing and jewelry. Somehow I feel like I can relate to every part of her. Her bold looks are so natural on her–yes please.


Don’t even get me started. Jackie knows how to make her viewers laugh. Her sarcasm and ability to keep a straight face when joking is my favorite. Jackie is also part of the beauty community on YT. I know her videos are geared towards people with darker skin tones (foundation reviews, mainly) but I still love her personality and can always learn something from her–especially because our main similarity is oily skin. I also like watching Jackie on Snap primarily because her boyfriend is mighty fine and has a British accent.


Penny is part of the beauty community as well, but her videos are focused on hair–curly hair! She has a different sense of humor than anyone else I’ve watched on YouTube; her videos always make me give a little chuckle or smile. I love when she reviews products because she’s sure to go over every possibility (voluminizing, heavy, greasy, defining, cost, curly-girl approved, etc.). My favorite is when she reads ingredients or talks with a strong hispanic accent like rolling her Rs–it’s little things that really make her stand out in the giant world of YouTube.


If I were to meet Taylor in person, I feel like she would be very reserved and humble. She doesn’t have that ecstatic spunk that many other YouTubers have, which I really enjoy. She’s very particular with the way she does things and her drive to test out products to their full potential is intriguing. She has battled with acne for a long time so it’s nice to see how products work on textured and blemished skin. Everyone’s obsession is her famous 15 Days of Foundation seasons. If you’re a foundation-junky, you’ll soon become obsessed with these videos too!


Dr. Dray is a dermatologist who provides tremendous insight on skincare. It’s quite insane how much information she can dispense in just a 10-minute video on 20 different skincare products at Walmart. She’s very straight-to-the-point and sometimes makes me feel stupid for thinking products have worked for my skin when she clearly states they do nothing–it actually makes me laugh, and will probably make you laugh too. Dr. Dray has so much intelligence and answers very common questions in her videos along with little snip-its of random info here and there. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that dermatologists love Salicylic Acid.


I only recently started watching her videos, but binged for about 2 hours! Jessica is a photographer and makes videos that inspire creativity. My favorites are the ones where she gathers two or three of her photographer friends and they all shoot the same model in the same setting. Each photographer sets a limitation, such as only low angles or a long shutter speed, and has a prop. Jessica puts a clip of each of their photos at the end of the shoot before moving onto to the next location/outfit/prop. It’s cool to see how different they all turn out, each showcasing their unique creativity.


Yes. Of course. Duh. I could not leave her out! Jenna is that odd, bored, teenager that we all once were and lowkey still want to be. Her videos are so random that I’m not even surprised anymore how she gets these ideas. Jenna’s humor is hard to explain, I’m sure you’ve all witnessed it at some point. She was the new-thing in like 2012 but I haven’t drifted. My favorite videos are the famous What Boys Do In The Bathroom In The Morning, What Girls Do In The Car, and the more recent, My Dog Reviews Soap. My advice: don’t watch these in the library; it’s impossible to hold back the laughter.

I have many other YouTubers who influence me and gladly take up my weekend time, which I will share below. I hope you enjoyed this random, kinda useless yet fun, blog!

Tess Christine (beauty/fashion)

Abby Pollock (fitness)

Kasey Rayton (makeup)

Dana Marie (curly hair)

Tati (makeup)

HealthNut Nutrition (health/nutrition)

Kathleen Lights (makeup)

Cambria Joy (lifestyle/beauty/faith)

Nicol Concilio (makeup)

Aspyn and Parker (couple lifestyle vlog, travel)

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