05/27/18 Harriet Island


This day was a learning experience. This is 3/6 of the squad: Emma, Sarah, and Kelsey. We were supposed to go to St. Paul before/at sunset but made it there slightly after. There was some natural light left in the sky as well as some pretty fairy lights behind us. We went to Harriet Island and there was a wedding reception with lovely lights, which I used to my advantage. I like this picture because it’s of all three of them when I usually take single portraits. Something different. And I love it.

Aside from practicing shots in the darker daylight, I also used Photoshop to edit. Photoshop is very confusing and difficult as a beginner (like everything else) so I did the bare minimum with the pics. I found some free actions (filters) online to use and tweaked them a little to keep my theme but make them personal. Lets just say I’ll be sticking with Lightroom!

27547282427_3b1b63ea44_o (1).jpg

This picture was originally very dark but I finally got the lighting decent! I like how it’s still a bit dark because it showcases that we were there in the evening and how the lights spark up the darkness.


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