06/03/18 Good Old Days


Ugh. These colors!! I can’t get enough of this photo. Not only are the sweet mint and pale yellow complementary but the the deep denim blue adds just enough contrast. I usually like portraits with the subject looking away but the boldness and soft femininity of Sarah’s eyes are just what this photo needs. PLUS how satisfying is it that both her hair and eyes are an intense amber brown–luminous, golden brown. I used the Lips of Wine preset, as always, plus added warmth and enhanced Sarah’s eyes.

This little photo sesh took place on Grand Ave on the wall of Anthropologie. It was a Sunday afternoon and Sarah, Cassie, Shane (Cassie’s man), and I went to Grand Old Days–a fair on Grand Ave in St. Paul. I kept calling it ‘Good Ol’ Days’ because I kept forgetting it was Grand… jokes. We weren’t there long, but it was fun. We got Jamba Juice smoothies and cheese curds and went in Anthro.


a peaceful sarah in natural settings in fancy st paul neighborhoods.

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