06/10/18 rustically urban


This is one of my favorite photos ever. The focus of Kelsey’s hair, specifically the highlighted white piece, gives the photo some mysteriousness as to why the focus isn’t on her face or eyes. Once again, I love how her hair matches her skin. The amber tones of her hair mimic those of her freckles while the subtle highlights of her hair mirror her milky skin tone. In fact, the tones of the whole photo blend together nicely; her deep plum shirt and the rusty bricks in the background pull everything into harmony. Her facial expression reflecting so many different feelings, allowing every viewer to feel their own relation.

This photo was taken in South St. Paul near Kwik Trip. Zach led us to an unrefined arch of bricks. There was a gate and benches, all qualifying for quality pictures. This sesh was quick and spontaneous, yet my photos (or Kelsey’s face) reflect effort and thoughtfulness.


I like this one, too, mainly because Zach is dramatic and the B&W emphasizes his helpless, impotent, worthless, weary, recumbent vibes. Can’t help but laugh at this.

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