06/24/18 Farmer’s Market


Here is Emma and Kelsey at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. We paid $2 to park and 25 cents for a honey stick (featured below). I like this picture because my favorite part about farmers’ markets are the flowers. I so badly wanted to buy a giant sunflower, but instead I found loads of these things (no, I don’t know what kind of flower this is). This picture is also more busy than my others. The focus is still on my girls, but the flowers take up the majority of the space. I also like the buildings in the background–this adds to the city vibe. This farmers market was small but full of fresh fruits and veggies plus a fresh lemonade/tea/coffee stand. My indecisive-self didn’t buy anything but I plan to go back to give my tastebuds the flavors they deserve.

After walking around, we crossed the street and went into an art studio. I could smell the inspiration as I walked down the teal steps. It was so cool to see not only these abstract works of art, but also the studio where the artists create these abstract works of art. We then went into an art shop with more abstract paintings like dragons and giant, smudgy beer cans. The day was relaxed yet active, and wonderfully enjoyable.


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