07/04/18 The Cabin


This picture is simple and doesn’t do justice to my weekend, but it truly symbolizes the Fourth of July (duh, it’s the American flag). I like the subtle colors and crisp emphasis on the flag while the whole background is the lake–a true weekend at the cabin. The three days spent at Kelsey’s cabin seem to get better every year. The feeling of jumping in the wavy waters (after spending five minutes wondering whether you really want to get your hair wet or not) seems new and holds something unknown every time, especially the depths of the water. Spoooooky. I arrived the night of the 3rd and we just hung out, played Heads Up, and spent the majority of the time laughing, as per usual. The 4th was stormy and scary because we decided to go out on the pontoon, despite the weather warnings. Safely got in, waited a couple hours, and went back out. Ate dinner (obviously burgers and angel food cake) and changed, hit up DQ, felt too full, and visited the carnival in Annandale for the fireworks. The 5th was just me & Kels. We slept in, had cinnamon rolls and toast for breakfast, and went out on the pontoon with Coco (Kelsey’s pup). The whole day was relaxing and quite perfect. My favorite part about the whole time, besides having the whole group together at once, was that I learned how to dive off of the pontoon! I went outside of my comfort zone and dove (pretty much) head first into the blue waves. Nothing can beat the ecstatic and adrenaline-rushed feeling of leaving my comfort zone.

“At any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow


I couldn’t decide on which of these photos I wanted in here, so I picked both! The left is Kelsey, and the right is her sister, Courtney. The lighting on the lake couldn’t have been better. Both of these pictures were honest candids which makes them even more realistic and meaningful. I love Kelsey’s freckles, as always. For Courtney, I like the way her hair falls over her face and the contrast in color of her suit to the trees. She’s also mid-conversation which almost ruins it, but adds to the reality of bringing your camera on the lake–not meant for a photoshoot. So grateful for these two and their goofiness and ability to make us feel welcomed to their cabin every time.


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