07/07/18 City Vibes


This Saturday, Natalie came over and we ventured the cities for some picture-taking fun-ness. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in Minneapolis. We went to Sencha and Soho Café (pictures below). We were accompanied by a worker at Soho, Abdul. He was very chatty and had a light side of humor. The best part was when he asked if we were Christian. I instantly sat up and was ready to listen to every word he had to say. He was telling us about his faith, Islam. Abdul told us about his past in New York, his five prayers a day, and little history facts I hadn’t known before. I wanted to keep chatting and ask him about his faith, but other customers came in. I said I’d be back soon, and we both got on with our differing lives.

Natalie and I wandered the city, took pics, and came back to my house for dinner. After eating, Megan and Sarah came with us to Stillwater. Natalie was so gracious with helping me take better pictures. Her patience was appreciated as she told me all of her settings to get the perfect pic so I too could get that faultless shot.

The picture above is of Sarah near a candy store. The fluorescent lettering reads ‘Popcorn’. I like this image mainly because I’ve never taken pictures in the dark before. Originally, I was a bit hesitant to capture this beauty because I was afraid of failure or that it would look too typical. I’m glad I snapped it because I think it’s a bit spunky compared to my original laughing, sunny, face shots.




One of my favorites of Natalie’s photos of me!
Natalie Tyler Photography.

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