Being cared for

Welcome to my new section, Writing Prompt Wednesday’s! A few years ago, I bought a journal called “300 Writing Prompts”. I only wrote in it about five times. Just yesterday I looked into again–my heart is happy and my soul is excited. I want to write in all of the prompts eventually, but sometimes I feel unmotivated or lazy. My hope is for Writing Prompt Wednesday’s to motivate me to fill in those lines at least once a week. I will share the prompt and my response on here. Feel free to share your reaction to my response or how you would answer the cue!

300 writing prompts.jpg

Get pumped!

“Describe a time you cared for someone who was sick, or someone cared for you.”

The last time I was sick was early spring at Winona. The (respiratory) flu was going around. I had a fever, no appetite, and slight chest pain. Of course, my mind immediately jumped to conclusions– pneumonia. I’ve had it twice before, once being hospitalized in Massachusetts for three days. But these flu symptoms were only bad for one day while I was just in recovery mode for the next few days. I remember Janae (if you don’t remember Janae, stop by this article. We got baptized together!) brought me a brown paper bag full of medicinal goodies. This special delivery contained meds for headaches and cold symptoms as well as sleep-helpers and constipation-relievers. Even saltines. I can’t thank Janae enough for being so motherly and caring. I remember reading a devotional one time saying to let your friends help you in times of need. I’m grateful for Jesus’s spirit in me which allowed me to accept Janae’s act of kindness without feeling guilty. This is what friends are for! To this day, I can count on her to always be prepared and willing to help. She won’t whine or complain about going out of her way to help, one of many attributes that I look up to.

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