“Write about a song and the memories or feelings it evokes in you.”

“Blackbird” by The Beatles.

I first heard this song when my brother, Alex, would play it repeatedly on his guitar. Maybe three or four years ago. I distinctly remember him playing just the instrumental part until one day he started singing along. I started to question if this was already a song– not one he just mustered up like I thought at first. My dad would sing or play along sometimes, too. It wasn’t until I saw Alex listening to the music on YouTube that I confirmed my question: definitely not his own made-up song. It had been at least two years until I heard those strings again. My ears perked and my eyes widened as I found it on my friend’s playlist in the car one evening. It was one of few songs on his playlist that I recognized. I played Blackbird, unaware that anyone else knew of it, especially anyone at college. Chase and I whole-heartedly sang along while Matt’s, Dave’s, and Jacob’s chatters blended in with the hum of the subs. The feeling I get from this song is comfort. A sense that everything is okay and all will be all right. A calmness that lasts just over two minutes…unless on repeat.

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