Don’t you see?


I can’t help but think God’s works are perfect. I’m sitting here, trying to think of a word besides ‘perfect’, this word that is almost too commonly used to describe God, but I can’t. Because perfect is God. I now see the uncorrelated response to when I started routinely reading His Word. I expected to be enlightened that day, that instant, when I read my devotional or read scripture that was mentioned at church. But I now see that I am not educated on what just that one verse had to teach; I am enlightened in a broader term. His timing is magical, ethereal, erroneous. He somehow has been gradually opening my eyes to deeper meanings yet it has happened all at once. Or maybe I just realized it all at once, but it has been happening cumulatively.

You might be slightly confused on what this rant is about. I’ll tell you. Proverbs regularly mentions wisdom, a concept, a characteristic, a blessing I’ve always been fascinated with. Ever since I read Proverbs, about six months ago, one of my go-to prayers has consisted of the Lord opening my eyes and opening my mind to newer ways of thinking. For me to see things in a different light, in His light. I can’t think of a reason for this prayer other than a deep hunger inside of me to see how God sees. To have a heart like His. To have the outlook of Jesus. I guess those are decent reasons.

I feel I am getting somewhere with wisdom. I can feel God renewing my mind, answering my prayers. And here I am, rejoicing! Life has purpose when my eyes align with God’s!


I just binge read a “Runner’s World” magazine. There are numerous stories that share pure inspiration and awe. I can feel God reshape my heart as I continue to learn my true desires. Reading about exercise and nutrition from these experts gives me such a different view on life. I immediately start to think how this will benefit my projects in school. I can use this as a resource for not only academic papers but also for the pure joy of reading or the desire to know more on this topic in my classroom. A resource to my students. I think about how I can apply these ways of cooking to my life or how I can amp up my teaching with these motivational personal stories.

A year ago, if I were to read this same magazine, my mind wouldn’t have resorted to those thoughts. I praise God for fixing my mind on what’s important in my life. It’s not that my professional sweatpants are absolutely perfect for teaching or that my mood is down because I have a zit. God has transformed my way of thinking into how I can serve others through my (soon to be) expertise. My expertise with children, with educating, with health and fitness. My purpose is in Him alone. He will provide not only the materials, but also the thoughts. This might not make sense to you because it barely does to me. I though I’d share a couple articles to help you understand why I feel so passionate to share this.

An article on how creatures can explain issues we didn’t even know were a problem and help us to improve. At 54, man who can find joy again in running, thanks to the hawks.

“It’s hard to sustain love when there’s always something to hate.”

A post about a boy with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) who uses his symptoms to his advantage. Running away as a toddle to running in the Olympics as a young adult.

“”Tommy will be running by, giggling, singing a jingle from a Disney movie.””

Don’t you see the meaning of life? Can you see His wondrous creations? It’s like I have words written on my heart saying, “Gretchen, can’t you see? Can’t you see how little it matters that your skin isn’t perfect? Can’t you see that having that new teaching outfit won’t make your students think any more or less of you? Put your purpose in Me. Stop trying to make a name of yourself when you are Mine. I see you as passionate and caring. Fun and energetic. Loving and faithful. All the characteristics that can’t be bought through clothes or reputation, but characteristics that I have blessed you with because I love you.” I am these things because of His gracious love.

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