Apple Core

Write about the middle of something, anything!

I was gonna write about the middle of an Oreo or the middle of the day, or even the middle/center of my life (God), but all seem typical.

So I’m deciding on the middle of an apple. I love using apple cutters because they make such clean cuts and then I can eat the petite slices with gobs of peanut butter. I always give Gus, my dog, the core when I’m at home. When I’m not with Gus, I always think of him and don’t know what to do with this spare piece of fruit. I supposed if this prompt was, “What reminds you of your dog?”, I would say an apple core.

In the car, at school, or elsewhere, the apple core just doesn’t belong anywhere but in Gus’s tummy. I let out a sigh as a toss the chunk into a nearby garbage, thinking of how my little guy would’ve loved it. Sappy, cheesy, dramatic…I know!


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