07/28/18 Hometown Wanderin’


Meet my sweet, sweet friend, Hannah! Hannah’s heart is just as golden as her hair. We met at college through mutual friends. Hannah is the most genuine and pure-hearted gal I know. Always puts others before herself in a God-serving way; something I extremely admire! On this hot, sunny day, Hannah came over for a end-of-the-summer photo sesh. We started out in my backyard, technically the pasture beyond my yard. There wasn’t much shade and Gus was too excited to sniff everything. We then hopped the small wire fence back to my yard and decided to venture. We originally planned on going to the twin cities. We ended up sticking around my roots. I showed Hannah my high school and beloved hometown of South St. Paul. We stopped at this minty-teal rustic garage I’ve been aching to shoot at (it’s near Kwik Trip)! The mustard yellow of her dress complements the blue-shaded background, my fav. We picked up some iced coffee from Black Sheep and talked about our jobs. I know, so grown-up. Listened to some live music and hugged goodbye.


I chose this picture because of Hannah’s freckles and the obscure lighting. The pop of sun on her nose gives it a ball-shaped look, adding to her precious baby-face!


I thought this picture was fun. In front of the garage door was this rustic military truck. I couldn’t help but take a cutesy photo on it, quite conflicting. Something about the military has always had a soft, deep spot in my heart.

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