Best Friends

“What do you and your spouse or best friend have in common?”

My five best friends (Sarah, Emma, Kelsey, Cassie, Megan) and I have our humor in common. We are always messaging each other over Twitter or Instagram with humorous posts. It’s usually a vine reference or a meme. If it’s over text, a lot of the time it’s an older picture or video of one of us that ensures a laugh out loud.

None of us are too serious which makes our sense of humor easy, if that makes sense. We have lots more in common, such as food and clothing preferences, but our humor is our greatest commonality.



I feel this question could’ve been answered in a million different ways. My best friend is my dad, making this question even harder. We have just about everything in common. Same eyes nose, and lips. We even share our love for children, including acting like one from time-to-time. We both have a longing for the country, away from the materialistic trap of the world that’s most profound in the city.


But as for my friends and I? Our humor.

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