09/01/18 Downtown Nona!


Look at this beautiful gal!

This past Saturday, Hannah and I went out for a late lunch at Acoustic Café in Winona. We leisurely chatted and chowed down on sandwiches and soup. We then explored downtown and found some awesome backgrounds to shoot in front of! I swear I get so lucky sometimes. This random orange brick wall lit up my eyes and joy leapt out of my heart. Of course Hannah is wearing blue and we find this (complementary) orange wall! It might be hard to tell right now, but I love taking pictures with complementary, or opposite, or matching colors. Such as blue and orange or even yellow and yellow.

This wall was in an ally behind Acoustic. Hannah’s expression and her lovely golden locks harmonize with the sunburnt wall and bold blues. An hour is all we needed! Here are more of my favs:


Playing around with editing in Lightroom! Can’t decide which edit I like better…oops.


Okay… those freckles tho! ❤


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