Today, I hope.

“Complete this thought: “Today I hope…””

to find self-confidence, self-love, self-appreciation. I hope to start seeing myself as a beautiful and unique creation. I hope my negative self-talk would diminish into uplifting words, life-giving words. I hope for God to check my heart, to change my heart. I hope for my heart to be changed into a loving and empathetic piece of me instead of selfish and embarrassed. I hope to start seeing all life is no matter my physical appearance. I hope these useless and time-consuming thoughts will soon turn into thoughts on changing the world! Feeding the hungry! Laughing without fear!

My blemished skin doesn’t compare to the perfect love God pours into me, waiting for me to pour into others. God doesn’t judge me because of the stretch-marks on my thighs. He loves me because He created them. He is patiently waiting for me to love them, too. God judges my heart and soul, the strength of my faith, not the bumps on my skin or the chunks above my hips. I hope to see myself as God sees me: His perfectly imperfect daughter.

Today, I hope.

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