09/08/18 WSU Game Day #1 !


Meet this smiley doll– Abirlan! We met on Saturday from mutual friends and we all went to the football game together. I went to Dani’s place around 11am and her friend Mallory showed up with her friend Abi. A few more girls from Dani and I’s small group came, too 🙂

This picture of Abi is taken at the Game Day Experience. The Game Day Experience consisted of many food trucks, food tents, bakery sales, lawn games, and free goodies– such as this pom-pom. Chocolate-covered cheesecake sure looked good, and an elder told us to buy egg rolls from a food truck, but we went to Rubio’s across the street. Rubio’s is a small, Mexican, permanent food truck right across from campus. Not as good as Chipotle, but also not as expensive.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures:


I love the details of Dani’s glitter, multidimensional and attention-drawing. The reciprocating colors of green and purple give the photo vibrancy and distinction. The position of Dani’s face– slightly turned towards me– gives the photo personality but not intimacy because the viewer can’t see into her eyes. And of course, the football field is right behind her!

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