09/09/18 Lake Ride


I really like this picture. I feel vulnerable posting a photo-journal with me on the cover, but it’s truly one of my favorites! Hannah snapped it for me, I cropped and edited. This day was speedy and spontaneous. Both Hannah and I had things going on the whole day but still made time for the impromptu snap-sesh and bike ride.

We rented bikes from the Lake Lodge around 3pm and pedaled along the small lake until we reached our destination– these lovely yellow flowers. I was expecting the sun to be high in the sky, making for either bright images with harsh shadows or simply well-lit with easy focus.

I purposely wore orange because I’m trying to create an Insta theme…hah. I recommended blue for Hannah because it will contrast with the yellow and make her eyes pop. I love this picture, too! We were in motion and I wasn’t looking through my view-finder but somehow captured our day in one try (okay, maybe two tries). Hannah’s too-low bike seat and one strand of hair across her face makes me like this image even more. It helps me to remember the little things, and that makes me smile.


Check out more on my Flickr!

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