09/15/18 Ferguson’s


What a splendid summer day spent doing fall activities. Look at Dani’s precious smile and oh-so-fitting outfit! The way I edited this picture gives off an almost-old vibe which ties in with the farm-esque scenery and Dani’s overalls. Overall (ha), I feel I couldn’t have captured this moment any better.

This Saturday afternoon, all Chi Alpha (see this article if you’re confused!) girls went to the apple orchard. Small groups stuck together–Dani is one of my leaders. We trudged through the steep grass, plucked apples, and hid in the tall cornstalks. Having a group of women who are strong and growing in their faith with me is the best thing that has happened to me at college. Each of these girls showcases trust and reliability; love deeper than the surface; understanding and is free of judgement. Whether you have a faith or not, a tight-nit bunch who lifts you up and genuinely listens is extremely helpful in life.


Meet Ola! Ola and I have been in the same small group for two years now (whoop whoop) and it’s how we met. I snatched this moment of Ola “juggling” applies. I say “juggling” because she was just throwing two in the air while Dani tossed one in but I cropped her out of the image. Ola’s face is priceless! Her whole being is also priceless; she has such a deep heart for children in this broken world and isn’t afraid to show her passion for such things. I can’t imagine small group without her.

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