10/21/18 Captured Calista

I know laughing is contagious, but i can’t help but smile when looking at this photo! Calista is gorgeous.

This past Sunday, Calista and I went to downtown Winona to capture fall in it’s element. This is my favorite photo because of her squinty smile and the colorful vine on the brick wall.

We first went downtown and roamed the streets. We stumbled upon this leafy wall and went to the ol’ orange wall (show below). We then went to Blooming Grounds Express where the aesthetic is A1. After sitting and chatting for a few minutes, we decided to go up to Garvin Heights. I gave Calista my flannel and vest for a more relaxed look on top of the windy bluffs.

Like I mentioned in my last post about Calista, I love how she’s so willing to pose differently or to just go with the flow. We spontaneously decided each of our locations just while walking around. One thing I noticed about myself is that I don’t give a lot of instruction as the photographer. This can be a good and bad thing. This leaves room for the model to feel comfortable in her own poses, but it also ends up with a style I may not prefer. Working with Calista has made me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid to suggest odd poses or spunky outfits. I used to take pictures so the model could feel confident and post a cute snap shot of something more special than an iPhone selfie. I now see that I can use my camera for me, for my blog, for my editing purposes, for my vision to show.

I’m ready to put the fun in funky!

As always, see them all (edited and unedited) on my Flickr.




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