Something about being an RA

I wrote this vignette on August 25th, just a few days after freshman move-in. I’ve decided to post it now, just before Thanksgiving break, because my residents are all at home while I am still here. I am undeniably thankful that this position (Resident Assistant) has required me to meet such wonderful beings.


I never knew there would be such sweet souls, their purity and beauty is beyond the depths of the skies, layers of cloud and star into the universe and hearts that envelope my whole presence like arms wrapping into a hug. Squeezing just enough for my memory to say, this is something special, this is worth remembering.

Each personality resembling a creation breathed into existence by God himself. For me? Who knows? Every smile that is amplified with dimples and each singular lash elongating the clear eyes that blink at me with contentment and confidence.

These girls trust me with their entirety: their hopes and dreams, their pasts and fears. I’m their vent at the end of a long day and their adrenaline when talking to boys. Vulnerability is presented in their cheery voices with a touch of an irresistible glaze that twinkles from their eyes and says, step in.

My mind failed to imagine such raw uniqueness in 54 separate girls. My girls.

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