Valued Photoshoot 11/28/18

Meet Madi! Madi was my small-group leader in Chi Alpha for 3 semesters here at WSU. Madi is so deep-rooted in her faith; I can tell by the way she rarely complains, her selfless, and her enthusiasm to pray. After meeting Madi, I knew there was something different about her, but I didn’t know what. Just earlier this year, I realized Madi has a way with her words. I notice that she truly thinks before she speaks. She also blogs on her Instagram with honest and encouraging posts–check her out here

Jake and Molly show off their smiles while wearing the new Valued line.

Madi asked me to take pictures of her for the new Valued Clothing line! We recruited Jake and Molly to model for us too. It was very chilly, in fact it was snowing, but that didn’t stop us. I definitely don’t refer to myself as a photographer, but I try to suggest poses and encourage the models so they feel confident in front of the camera. I try to find decent backgrounds, as decent as a college campus gets in the dead of fall, and I am proud of the way these turned out! The thick sweats and nice long sleeve kept those three from completely freezing in the Minnesota cold. Check out Valued’s Instagram here

Little mid-day moments like these keep college life from getting too repetitive. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into me, Madi! 

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