Goal Setting for 2019

With the new year comes resolutions. Typically, people set their goals prior to January 1st, but not me. In fact, I wasn’t going to have any resolutions at all. The truth is, I set new goals each day for the next one. Maybe you run on a weekly or monthly timeline. With my frequent mess-ups, an 8-hour sleep is all I need until I try again. Can you relate?

Since I’ve never done it before, I made a list of goals for the whole year. Take a look!

  1. Go on a run at least 4 days of the week. I already do this without intent, but I am inconsistent. Some weeks it’s once, some it’s everyday. More consistency and accountability if I want real results and improvement.
  2. Lift (strength train) at least twice a week. I used to lift weights at the gym almost every day. Since I started running, I didn’t feel the need for it. Strength and endurance are equals!
  3. Make/continue a craft at least twice a month. Winter break has pulled out my first grade dream of becoming an artist. I won’t let life overpower my creativity.
  4. Spend less money. Specifically with unnecessary eating out and clothing. No need to eat out if I have food at home. No need for any new clothes unless something breaks, it’s for a special event, or I’ve been wanting it for a few months (no impulse-buying!).
  5. Spend less time on Instagram/ social media. I have gone through periods of time with Instagram deleted off of my phone, but I like to promote my blog through it. Keeping it for now; one of my previous goals was Insta once a day for 15 minutes, except weekends.
  6. Pray for others more often. I tend to give God a quick thanks and a short list of (mainly my own) prayers. There’s always someone, a friend or stranger, out there whose life could be changed from one prayer. To measure this, I will try to journal my prayers at least twice a week.
  7. Write more! I usually write when I’m in the mood, I’d rather not pull out something that’s not there. But posting more consistently, once a week, is a reachable goal.
  8. Experiment more with my hair. There’s sooooo many hair products I want to try for these curls! With patience and saved money, I will try to venture outside of my comfort zone with gels, heated caps, and even sleeked hairstyles.

I literally just made those up on the spot. I’ve never had to hold myself accountable for an entire year. Can I have a personal Rachel Hollis to give me wisdom and motivation? But, in all honesty, I’ve had each of these goals before, just in a weekly or monthly span. My biggest challenge will be following through. The best place to start is by waking up earlier– nothing screams wake up like a sunrise run!

What are your resolutions for 2019?



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