First Photo Shoot of 2019!

Girl, it has been so long since I posted a photo sesh! Look at these lovely ladies in their Valentine’s ensemble.

We ventured out to Pleasant Valley Church in Winona this past weekend because of the ultimate picture-taking lighting. The only one I know out of this group is Leah– right in the middle. I have a post about her here! The rest of her friends are her roommates that I met for the first time. They are all natural’s in front of the camera and have creative poses of their own.

I even got creative with the background and editing as you can see in the pictures below. I also used a different lens for some pictures which was outside of my comfort zone– worth it!

This picture was taken with a longer lens and with a background I created with some wooden panels I found. It was a bit difficult figuring out the angels and distances, but I’m in love with the overall result!

Huge thank you to this awesome group of women for making my Saturday something other than homework.



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