Rooftop Access– 02/03/2019

Another photoshoot in the winter? Yes, please! Last Sunday, Nat, Sami, and I went to Downtown Winona. We ran into Natalie’s friend and ended up taking pictures with her at Blooming Grounds– one of Winona’s best cafés. After the dangerously cold weather from Wednesday, Minnesota somehow increased 60 degrees from then– hence my clothing choice!

We wandered down allies, Nat took pics in front of a trash bin with a caution sticker, and Sami even found a staircase guiding us onto someone’s roof. The steps were layered in ice and the light was on in the house, but adventure calls my name even on the grayest days.

Sami has an eye for cut and clean photo-ops and has no problem staring down that camera!

Nat’s toes were frozen after a couple hours and my camera was packed with around 500 photos. A Sunday afternoon never felt so freeing, as if it was a summer night.

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