Are You Growing?

It’s deceivingly easy to get caught up in the motions. Our lives happen in a consistent routine, we are always on a strict schedule. Many of us even block off time for the mundane, like travel time to and from places or lunch break. Do you see yourself effortlessly or carelessly crossing off the events of the day? One class done, onto the next. We don’t even take time to absorb or reflect upon the material that was unloaded for the past hour. Life doesn’t have to be a predictable cycle. Need some growth, change, or refinement? Read my 4 tips on growth for some major sprouting!

Photo Courtesy of Forrest Seuser–

“Your future does not lie ahead of you, it lies deep inside you.”

  1. Goal Setting

Setting a goal for the month, such as losing 5 pounds, may seem easy. But, the key to reaching this goal is by reaching other daily goals, like eating only until you’re 80% full, for example. We must be in constant reminder of these little, daily goals. Another example would be for an overall goal of becoming a more selfless person. Such a broad goal is difficult to measure– I would approach it by going out of my way for someone at least once a day. If we don’t reach these daily goals, how can we expect to grow into this better version of ourself?

So we know how we’re going to set these goals. But do we know why? A key component to achieving a goal is finding the motivation or the reason of why we want to reach it. We can tell ourselves we just want to be a better person, but why do we want to be a better person? Are we trying to impress someone, impress God, live up to an unreachable standard? Find your intentions with this goal and pray to God for discernment and strength to be refined and stretched, for His glory.

2. Reflecting

We need to keep ourselves in check each night to reflect on our daily accomplishments or fallouts. Some questions I might ask myself at the end of the day: are you happy with your choices today? What will you do differently tomorrow? Be honest with yourself and continue to set reachable objectives. Be aware of what you’re putting your energy into and where you might need to shift it to. For me, I’ve recently been spending time on social media when I could be reading, praying, journaling, writing, crafting, you name it! Are you truly growing (or rejuvinating) when spending time on Netflix, Instagram, or Youtube?

3. Personalizing

It’s hard to improve in an area of life if we don’t know our current ability or status in that area. To continue to grow, I think it’s important to be consistent with your identity. I recently listened to a podcast by Rachel Hollis and her guest, Chris Chandler, says he writes three words that describe him on a sticky note and places it on one side of his laptop. His examples are “I am joyful. I am inspiring. I am a bridge-builder. I am me”. I encourage you to listen to episode 81 of RISE Podcast (specifically starting at 32 minutes) if you want other tips on how to remind yourself who you are or who you want to be. On my laptop, I have the words “I am confident. I am engaged. I am a servant of God. I am me”. I am confident in who God made me to be. I aim to be present in the moment of who I’m speaking to or the class I am in. I aim to serve God in each circumstance and each location, to obey what the Holy Spirit is prompting in me. What are your present-tense characteristics?

4. Adventure!

Lastly and most importantly: get out and venture into the uncomfortableness! We need to incorporate adventure into our lives to ensure we have a steady flow of newness that prevents each day from becoming like the last. How are you stepping outside of your comfort zone today? God tends to call us places we don’t want to go because we are afraid. Well, my friend, get over it! We can’t expect to find fulfillment if we don’t explore the unknown in a faithful and joyous way.

“Growth and comfort cannot coexist.” – Madi Vachuska

“Stop guarding your discomfort!” – Pastor Steph Peterson



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