Why I Deleted Snapchat

It’s not an exaggeration when I say social media runs our world. Today’s society thrives off of aesthetic pictures on Instagram or humorous clips on Snapchat stories. We can even set a timer on Instagram now… it knows we are on it too much! I admit, I’m an avid Instagram user, for sure abusing it (to endlessly scroll through famous profiles), and borderline addicted. Here’s what I mean…

There was a point in time where I deleted Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and VSCO from my phone. Those days were full of crafting, reading, and sleep-filled nights. I somehow had time to practice my hobbies, even after all the meetings and hours spent on homework. I’ve now had Instagram back on my phone for about 3 months now, specifically to promote my blog. I also now have a curly hair page! For these two reasons, I decided it was okay to have social media back on my phone. My problem? I am abusing social media– I spend large chunks of time watching stories or scrolling through aesthetic pages. Why? To get inspired? To give genuine compliments? Am I just checking up on family? Not so much. Not at all. Afterward, I feel jealous that my feed doesn’t look like that. I begin to question how theirs looks like that and I decide it’s too much work. With that time, I could’ve researched how to grow my blog or curly page. Instead, I simply gawk at the beauty in someone else, which is likely edited to an unrealistic extent.

I do miss VSCO and Snapchat sometimes, but when I abuse Instagram, I am reminded that I don’t need to waste more time on these other sites. Can you relate? Just recently, I came across this project called the National Day of Unplugging. They provide questions to ask yourself, such as, “What are you not doing when you are on technology?” or “How does your use of technology impact your relationships?” This is on March 1-2, for 24 hours, but it can be applied on any day! Maybe this will be a helpful tool for you, or maybe you unplug a few keys hours each day for a rejuvenating detox.

I have noticed that I miss being outside and miss having time to read, yet I am spending that time on technology. I aim to put down my phone more and to actually exit out of social media when my time-limit reminder goes off. It’s time to be present in the moment more often and not distracted by the world on my phone.



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