I’m Back!

Hello, friends!

It has been well over a month since I last posted, so let’s start with an update. Shall we?

At the end of March, I started a curly page on Instagram (@thecurlyleif). This has been so much fun and I have been learning more about myself and more about curly hair. My love for curlies has grown, and my time management skills may or may not have declined… I’ve been working on balancing this new page along with living life outside of social media, a true challenge.

I went through finals, lesson plan writing, field experiences, RA duty shifts, my birthday, and moving out of my dorm this past month! I can say with honesty, and a bit of shame, that I spent an insane amount of time on Instagram because of my enhanced curly obsession. I wish I would’ve had the motivation to write. Good news is that I have been reading a bit more and I’ve been keeping up with my crafts.

I’m now moved back home, I’ve been here just over 24 hours. I’m mainly unpacked, but I am in the process of packing for a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa! I have too many words to describe how ecstatic I am: excited, giddy, joyous, eager, impatient, electrified, jaunty, gleeful, and almost euphoric. Yes, I did use Google to find synonyms for excited… Yet I know that I will need more prayers for emotional health once this trip comes to an end.

There have been ups and downs this past month or so. I have had my share of anxious thoughts concerning vaccines and pills, bitter or annoyance towards certain people for no reason, and frustration mixed with stress during the last few weeks of school.

Some of the most refining or fun moments that I should’ve shared are talking about Christianity with a resident, how I’ve been deepening my relationship with my mom, wearing less makeup and spending more time with God, becoming a night owl (does 11:30pm bedtime make me a night owl?), celebrating my birthday, spending late nights in the dance studio with Natalie (@natalietylerphotography.com), drinking a Cholera vaccine, and the power of encouraging words.

I will likely create posts on these things in the near future. As for right now, I have two jobs lined up for this summer and possibly a third. I am attending a curly-salon event on Wednesday (May 15th), with a few friends, I’m pumped! I am working on updating my photo journal and reading my books more, plus spending time with friends before I leave for Africa.

How have you been? Mentally, physically, relationally?



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