05/15/19 Captured Curls

My third day of summer break did not disappoint! With two friends from Winona, Natalie and Meg, we drove from my house to Minneapolis. We kept the trafficked car ride entertaining with some pumped-up tunes playing and the windows down. We walked into the sedated Spyhouse Coffee after I adjusted my parallel park 10 times.

I highly recommend the Jasmine Iced Tea, even though it’s available for only a limited time. It’s a slightly-less-sweet-yet-more-tea-y version of an Arnie Palmer– perfection. The interior was stunning and the outdoor patio was spacious, clean, and quiet for a city café.

After roaming the streets near the coffee house, we hopped back into the car and pulled up to Curl Power Salon on France Ave just before the event started. About every 6 months, the salon hosts an event called “Curls Night Out”. There was a silent auction, snacks, and a free wash & style plus a goodie bag for first-timers! The atmosphere felt welcoming and smelled of fresh citrus-y lavender, AKA Deva Curl products *insert heart eyes emoji*.

We walked across the street to find a perfectly white wall. Obviously we had to take pictures of our curls. The lighting was just right and I finally figured out how to change a few more of my camera settings. The evening wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if it weren’t for my spontaneous and loving girls.

Captured Curls for the win.

P.S. contact @megpeine for videography, @natalie.tyler for photography, and @thecurlyleif for curly hair education and inspiration – all on Instagram!



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