What it means to FEAR the Lord

A thought-stopping question I have lately been asking myself is, “Do I truly fear the Lord?”

My brows furrow as I puzzle over this question. Before answering it, my mind asks, “Well what does it even mean to fear the Lord?”

Let’s write out what it means to fear the Lord, what it might look like to fear the Lord, Biblical evidence of people fearing the Lord, or how I can start to fear the Lord right now:

To fear the Lord is to honor Him. To hold him at such high priority that even our second priority can’t come close. To show Him our respect, dedication, and praise in all aspects of life (not just at church). To love Him. Well… how can we love Him? By prioritizing Him, by taking an active step to respect and praise Him in every moment of life.

In the Book of Romans, Paul is a great example of what it looks like to fear the Lord. Paul thanks the Lord for his many blessings (1:8); Paul is constantly praying for the Romans (1:10); Paul isn’t ashamed to spread the Gospel (1:16), and that’s just in chapter 1!

Job is a righteous, God-fearing man of the Bible who endured hardships to an extreme. Job loses everything, his money and business, his family and home, even his skin is infected with disease. Despite all of this, Job “did not sin in what he said”, yet his wife urged Job to curse God for allowing these severe challenges (2:9-10). Job placed God above his own wife, Job witnessed God’s power first-hand and chose to praise Him still!

In Daniel, three men stand up against King Nebuchadnezzar because they wouldn’t worship an idol. They weren’t ashamed of believing in God and they fully trusted in His power to save them from death (3:16-18).

Proverbs 2 starts off by listing what to do so we can “understand the fear of the Lord” (2:1-5). The main way we have access to God is through His Word, which is also the main way we get to know Him better. Once we know who God is, what His attributes and characteristics are, how He says the righteous way to live, then we can honor Him because we know how! This Bible verse is a great starting point on how we can fear the Lord right now. It starts with our choice to listen for God and reading His provided Word.

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