10/18/2019 A Royal Photoshoot

Meet Janae, my sweet and beautiful friend.

Janae and I met during our freshman year of college (whoa, two years ago!) here at WSU. We went to church and Chi Alpha service (campus ministry) together, and eventually started hanging out outside of those weekly activities.

I’d describe Janae as hard-working, determined, caring, genuine, and funny with that kind of humor that makes me let out a quick and hearty laugh, the type of laugh with your eye squeezed shut.

We like to feed off of each other’s jokes, do random dance moves at any time and in any place, and talk about boys.

Janae is involved with many campus organizations, but I somehow gracefully fit into her detailed schedule.

On this beautiful October day, we went to Lake Winona to take snap a few headshots for Homecoming Court Nominations… which Janae then made Court! Her cutesy dimple was just a bonus to the fun I had sniping these pics.

So, here’s to Janae, a friend that will be life-long and iron-sharpening. A friend who’s smile comes from within and whose heart is hand-crafted by the Lord. Love you long time, Queen.

Janae is not only 2019 Homecoming Royalty at Winona State, but also in my little ol’ heart.



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