21 Memories for 21 Years

21 feels like a milestone, and I’ve come to visit! Listening to my itching to write, I typed this out as I reminisced on this past year of my life. In no particular order, here are 21 memories to celebrate 21 years of life.

  1. Swearing into the MN Army National Guard.

Joy. Pure joy was in my heart as I walked out of that building, knowing I had taken a step of radical faith that will journey down a path I’m not able to travel alone.

2. Discovering the lovely coffee shop, The Root Note, in downtown Lacrosse.

Blueberry Roobios tea, my tastebuds long for you. And to my bff’s, my heart cherishes this memory of innocent hoodrat ish.

3. Unearthing what is now known as my favorite trail– the place I feel most free, the place I am most me.

Salem Hills, folks. As much as I want you to not go there so I can continue experiencing my freedom in peace, I encourage you to find a place that is oh so refreshing for your lungs.

4. Overcoming fears and venturing into the unknown of Mozambique, Africa.

I can still hear their voices praise the Lord in worship. I can still taste the fried worm. I can still feel the warmth of the sun and the love of a hug.

5. Plus teaching PE in Mozambique to children who spoke only Portuguese.

Do I get college credit for this? Probably not, but I definitely get points for this life opportunity.

6. Getting my motorcycle permit.

Can I say bada**!? Because I definitely was. Until I never got my license, lol.

7. Writing an exegesis just because.

Romans 8:1-17, I thought I knew all there was to know, until I got lost in research and weary in the hunt for intellectual answers to my growing questions.

8. Running my first 8k.

I trotted along in turkey style, mmhm.

9. Camping out in 4 degree weather with my classmates.

Hot chili never tasted so good.

10. Getting hired as a full-time nanny.

Praise the Lord for a job during this COVID-19 madness! Such a blessing.

11. On top of number nine, praying with a 4-year-old child with Down Syndrome while we played house.

His eyes clenched shut as I prayed to Jesus for us, and we held hands. This kiddo is nonverbal, but he asked me to pray again. So we did.

12. Tapping into my inner crafty with polymer clay earrings, DIY thrift flip clothing, hanging macrame art, and more.

Just like the trails, staying creative reminds me who I am. My spirit awakens and the world is shut out for a moment. How blissful.

13. Getting a hug from a resident.

A whole day before move-in, she skipped up to me and gave me a hug to introduce herself. Since then, I pledge to quit holding my love back and to give more hugs.

14. Weekly Walmart runs with my Chi Alpha small group.

Oh, the unnecessary things we would buy. I miss that Cookie Crisp cereal.

15. Running in shin-deep snow behind a cemetery in Winona. AND making it a routine.

I remember seeing the American flag waving in the wind every time. Freedom comes to mind, and I suddenly pray that the souls in these graves are experiencing freedom in Christ.

16. Making new friends with International students at WSU.

All the way from Taiwan to Korea, to Germany to China. I never realized how little my world was until I glanced into how big the world actually is.

17. Trying authentic Asian cuisine in a good ol’ college dorm kitchen.

Miso soup with tofu, sweetened rice cakes, homemade spring rolls. The scents of onion, ginger, and soy filled the hall, and our giggles lingered in the air.

18. Helping others start their journey to embracing their natural curls.

It’s amazing how people notice someone’s passions and then get curious about it and decide, hey, I want that too.

19. Learning the chords to Pieces by Amanda Cook on the piano.

Simply lovely.

20. Seeing loved ones cry.

Why is this on the list? I see crying as one of the most vulnerable things a person can allow others to observe. I admire the humility and brokenness. I am reminded of how great God is and that He has an eternal perspective, as should I.

21. Praying for healing over residents.

A nudge from the Holy Spirit, a bold step, and no clear sight of fruitfulness. But I know I tried to listen to what the Lord was telling me, and I know He planted something.

Thank You, Lord for blessing me with 21 years of life. My heart is content as I remember Your faithfulness and as I dwell in Your Light.

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