10/18/2019 A Royal Photoshoot

Meet Janae, my sweet and beautiful friend. Janae and I met during our freshman year of college (whoa, two years ago!) here at WSU. We went to church and Chi Alpha service (campus ministry) together, and eventually started hanging out outside of those weekly activities. I'd describe Janae as hard-working, determined, caring, genuine, and funny… Continue reading 10/18/2019 A Royal Photoshoot

How to Study a Book in the Bible

I was a timid and oblivious gal fresh into college. I somehow got involved in a campus ministry (let me know if you want that amazing story!), and I boldly read my dad's old-fashioned Book of Life every night in front of a roommate who I barely knew. I was that girl-- reading the Bible… Continue reading How to Study a Book in the Bible

Spontaneous or Strong-willed?

My eyes are closed, my body is lazily slumped in my cushioned chair. My ears receive the slow tunes sung by Lana Del Rey, and my breathing relaxes. I am so comfortable that my fingers loosely brush atop my keyboard to type. Do you ever hold your breath for just a second, and you can… Continue reading Spontaneous or Strong-willed?