10/21/18 Captured Calista

I know laughing is contagious, but i can't help but smile when looking at this photo! Calista is gorgeous. This past Sunday, Calista and I went to downtown Winona to capture fall in it's element. This is my favorite photo because of her squinty smile and the colorful vine on the brick wall. We first… Continue reading 10/21/18 Captured Calista

10/03/18 Meet Calista!

Look at this beautiful model! This is Calista. This is also my first shoot with a resident (she's not actually my resident, but pretty much). Calista is the most easy-going gal and is sweeter than honey! She's such a proficient poser with a creative mind. She makes every pose look good and doesn't look award… Continue reading 10/03/18 Meet Calista!