10/20/2019 Fall Photoshoot

Look at these beautiful ladies! Four lovely gals came with me to have an impromptu photo sesh in a crisp and wooded area. I found it difficult to snap photos that were clear and in focus because this tree-enriched zone was shaded by the evening clouds and the encapsulating tree tops. I don't identify as… Continue reading 10/20/2019 Fall Photoshoot

10/18/2019 Marcus + Jess

Marcus and Jess were my first clients for a couples shoot! These two were so comfortable with each other, and I felt lucky enough to capture their contentment on camera. They both have beaming smiles that made this job so enjoyable. We started off at Lake Winona to photograph the autumn colors through the bluffs… Continue reading 10/18/2019 Marcus + Jess

Thanksgiving Away from Home

Noisy cousins and a busy kitchen, seasoned turkey and clinking plates: this is Thanksgiving. But, not exactly... I have the privilege of staying at college, for work, during Thanksgiving break. Things are anything but noisy and there are no smells of garlic-infused mashed potatoes or trays of sweets in the fridge. Tuesday night was the… Continue reading Thanksgiving Away from Home